Monday, August 13, 2007

A couple of FAs

James, Derek and Gomez went to Dry Valley on Sunday. The weather was perfect and Dry Valley always offers a different type of experience to the other fields. The day started well with Gomez encountering one of his spirit-creatures which inspired him for the rest of the day. A new dyno to do was then located and Gomez channeled his spirit-creature to produce Hawkwind. A wild ride and not too tricky at about V6. James and Derek also quickly sent the problem. No one succeeded on the project to the left, but ay least the holds are clean now...

Cosmic Energy was then attacked. With James getting a fuss free ascent (besides Gomez kneeing him in the head when spotting, that'll teach him to make faster progress than Gomez), Derek spouting beta and Gomez consistently falling off.

Later in the day Derek sent the eight year project in the valley near Sound of Silence (JP's originally?) possibly known as Angelfire. Unfortunately all that was required was some key beta and Derek said it wasn't that hard. Just how hard that is we don't know. He seemed disappointed...

It sure is a long walk back to the car!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Sending Blizzard

Braving the rain and snow, Derek 'The Dispatcher' Thatcher and James 'Space Cowboy' Morris had a good but brief day at Flock today. Derek did Superman second go(commenting that V11 seemed like a dubious grade). They both did a 'proper' sit start to New Dawn Fades. James did the sit to Captain Contact V9 in awesome dynamic style. To finish Derek sent a big line he brushed last weekend on the uphill side of the large boulder next to Captain Sassypants. It is currently unnamed and ungraded. Then it snowed.

New V11 at Flock Hill

Pete the Radness has sent the famed project Sharma's Prow,which now belongs to Pete and is called Interstellar Overdrive and is fat at V11. Good job Pete! In case you were all wondering, yes, he did campus it.

In other news James Morris managed a stylish repeat of a recent Pete problem Lost for Words V9. James didn't like the mono so much so he moved off the sloper... well you would wouldn't you?